Minggu, 03 Februari 2013

A Piece of Serenity

Did we realize something about war?
It's not about killing people, use any kind of tactics or strategies or anything to win.
War that caused by different faith, religion, territory, revenge, and everything that can be used as reasons.

Even if we won, did we think it was over? Not yet..
We have our childrens that will pass our faith.
Even if we died, they would do the same as we did, war against our enemies for the revenge.

How can we defeat others before we can defeat ourselves first?
Did we realize how suffer someone who saw the ones their love died in front of him/her directly?
The pain that we never felt before, how come we used that words to understand each others?

We said that it was for peace, but our heart never felt any kind of serenity..