Jumat, 17 Juni 2011

Theory of Every Little Things

Finally I understand..
there is beautiful correlation between problem and growing
just like water and trees
or wood and fire
we need it to grow
fear, sadness, darkness, confusion
all of those we need
to learn how we should live
to learn how we find Him
in everytime and everywhere
even in our blood..

Destiny is in our heart
all we can do is trying only
and don't even think you could have a deal with Him
coz He has His own way, the best way for your life
even it would make you feel so bad, so sad and so useless
to face the problems

We just need to fine the formulas
to correlate everything happens
about who we are
who they are
and who our God
find it and we would be a true human
and don't forget some little thing important
always smile for our problems..

Let's pray to the One and Only.. (Allah SWT)

*easy to talk but so hard to practice it, that's called "REALITY"

- rhariwijaya -

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